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The role of a Finance Manager can be extremely varied, it can take up a few hours a month to daily contact, to get the best out of this service it is better to discuss requirements and come up with a plan but I have given a few ideas below to get you started, as always please do not hesitate to contact me for a free half hour no obligation consultation.

Helping your busines

Reporting - the boring stuff - but do you know how much your clients/customers owe you?

Do you know when they should be paying you, who is paying on time and who is lagging behind?

How about suppliers - do you purchase goods on account?

Do you get a discount for prompt payment?  Are there surcharges for late payments?

The questions can be endless and that can be the case for the small business owner as well as larger companies

By simply producing a few reports in Xero each month or quarter I can give you a snapshot of how your business is doing

An Aged Receivables Summary - shows how much your clients/customers owe you and how long the invoices have been outstanding

An Aged Payables Summary - shows how much you owe your suppliers where you have bought goods on account and how long those invoices have been outstanding

Invoices by Clients - this shows how much each client has spent with you and can be  split over a period so you can build a picture of your client/customer spending habits

Moving on from this I can undertake Budgeting & Forecasting and Management Accounting for your business, as these are very business specific please get in touch so we can discuss in far more detail.

Break it down  -  Maintain or Grow

Just when you thought all you needed to do was produce the goods and sell them or provide the service and get paid there are a whole host of other considerations, but by breaking it down and discussing with me what is important to you and your business we can come up with a plan including reports, duties, gaps etc.  Whether you are looking to maintain the business as is or looking to grow, understanding your business finances is crucial.

Let's talk

You are very welcome to contact me to have a free no obligation friendly discussion about your business and how I could help

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